One of my favorite spots around Los Angeles, at least in terms of soaking in some rays and seeing some nature, is Point Dume State Beach. This really is a great place to check out local tide pools and take a nice hike down the beach. If you’re interested in taking an easy hike, possibly seeing some whales, and just having a great time, this Park is for you!

Located off the 1 freeway, Point Dume lies approximately 18 miles north of Santa Monica and offers some of the best views of the Pacific and the Malibu coastline. This particular piece of land was formed because the majority of the point is actually dense igneous (volcanic) rock, and the soft cliff sides around it are still continuously being eroded by wind, sea, and rain.

One of the main attractions to Point Dume is its tidepools. For those of you who don’t know what a tidepool is or have never been to one, it’s simply a pool of water that’s formed when ocean’s tide recedes away. That being said, Point Dume is often a great place to find some of the creatures that live in these pools. What you’ll be looking for are starfish, anemones, nudibranchs, octopus, and sea urchins (and maybe a stray fish or two). Just be careful with what you touch and follow all state park rules. Some animals can get hurt by your touching them!

If you’re more in the mood to hike around, once you’ve made it down to Dume Cove for some tidepooling, you can walk south down the beach towards Paradise Cove for about a mile. Once there you can have lunch at the Paradise Cove Beach Cafe. I would suggest making reservations in advance (it’s always better to be prepared right?!?).

Speaking of being prepared, I recommend taking some kleenex, cause our noses tend to run once you catch a wiff of the colder ocean air. Aside from that I highly recommend this easy hike to anyone who has a chance to get out of L.A and enjoy one of California’s best hiking beaches.

For more info on Point Dume go to: State Parks Website

For some cool timelapse footage, check this out!