Ships Ahoy! It’s whale watching season again, so we decided to head on out to Dana Point to embark on an amazing whale watching trip with Captain Dave Anderson of Dolphin and Whale Safari. Seeing whales and dolphins in the wild is way better than seeing them in a park, so going on a trip like this is the ultimate ocean wildlife experience. Out of all the potential whale watching companies out there, this one is by far the best one. With a ship specifically designed for dolphin and whale watching, and crews that are devoted to conservation and protection, Captain Dave didn’t disappoint!

Some of you may be wondering, why go whale watching? To be honest, a more appropriate question is: why wouldn’t you? To see these creatures moving and spinning and breathing in their natural spaces, there really is no comparison. And that’s precisely why you should go. It gives you a better understanding of why these animals should be protected, and ultimately shows you why Southern California is such an amazing place. Honestly, when you look a dolphin in the eye, I defy you to not come back changed in some way!

So, when’s the best time to go Whale Watching? We learned that, amazingly enough, Southern California has whales year around! Let me explain. Grey Whales tend to move through our waters on their way to their breeding grounds in Baja, Mexico during the winter (December through March), and then Blue whales tend to move through during the summer (Late June through October). Also seen, but much more infrequently are Killer whales, Humpbacks, Sei whales, and Fin whales. It really is wild out there!

While no trip guarantees sightings, your likelihood of seeing dolphins should be relatively high. Out of the three times I’ve been whale watching, I’ve seen dolphins every time. Common dolphin, Bottlenose, and Risso’s all live along our coast and for the most part love to bow ride along ships and give you great opportunities for pictures or video. This is where Captain Dave’s ship really stands apart. His catamaran actually has two underwater viewing pods that allow visitors to see dolphins face to face. Talk about amazing! I’ve not seen this anywhere else.

In case you’re really thinking about going, when you go on your trip, I recommend wearing layers. It gets a bit chilly sometimes, and it’s always windy, so at the very least bring a nice wind breaker! If you live in Orange County, give Captain Dave a try. You won’t regret it! I’ve also tried Island Packers in Ventura and they offer an awesome trip over to the Channel Islands as well.

Anyways, as always, I hope this has helped. Let me know how it goes, and I hope to see you out there taking videos of the whales!