In this amazing video, host Jessica Wheeler now takes us through the Ballona Wetlands, one of LA’s last remaining coastal wetland areas. Talking with the Co-Director of the Friends of The Ballona Wetlands, Richard Beban, the cast and crew gained an intimate knowledge about this very special place. Over the last 30 years, the “Friends” have actually helped to keep this place pristine and wild by restoring and cleaning 600 acres with 60,000 volunteers.

So what are the wetlands?  Sitting along what is known as the pacific flyway, actually a 7,500-mile migratory route extending from the southern tip of South America to northern Alaska, this land is an estuary system that provides a home to many of California’s native plants, animals, and fish offering them the perfect place to breed, spawn, rest, and ultimately move on along their migratory journey.

Undoubtedly, the wetlands have come to serve as a symbol for all that once was wild in Los Angeles County and reminds us of the nature that exists right in own own backyards. This land needs to be preserved for future generations (and hopefully made into a State Park once California’s financial situation gets straightened out). Until then, we will continue to help this area as much as we can!

If are at all intersted in helping o ut with restoration and cleanup, you can contact the Friends of The Ballona Wetlands at